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K9YA Telegraph - January 2005

  • A Shack Full of Resolutions  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Amateur Radio Club of Trinity High School  By Katelyn Murray, KB3LRN
  •  By Andrew Kelly, K3ASK
  • SWL to Ham  By George H. Morto, KN2GSJ
  • Cartoon Caption Contest  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT

K9YA Telegraph - February 2005

  • The Simpsons  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • A Bug with a Tale  By Harcourt "Bud" Quick, W8BHK
  • Morse Code on the Cheap, Not Chirp  By David Flake, N5RLJ
  • Caption Contest Winner

K9YA Telegraph - March 2005

  • Jump In! The Water's Fine!  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Echolink Opens Doors for New Hams  By Sia Mallios, KB3LRB
  • The "Instructograph" Code Instructor  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • Build This D-104 Mic Lamp!  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • Tinkering for Idiots  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9BRD

K9YA Telegraph - April 2005

  • The Cracker Barrel  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Secret Service for Me  By Paul Hendershott, W9BBR
  • A Novel Rotary Rhombic Antenna  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • My J-38 and Radio Magic  By Rick Hiller, W5RH
  • Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9BRD
  • The J-37 & J-38  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL

K9YA Telegraph - May 2005

  • QRP  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • The Wonderful One-Tuber  By Robert D. Null, N4QR
  • Fun with QRPp CW  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT

K9YA Telegraph - June 2005

  • Hamfest  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • How W7AQK Got (Re) Issued  By David Yarnes, W7AQK
  • Ensure the Line Unbroken  By Charlie Young, AG4YO
  • Military Surplus Radio BC-348  By Stanley Shure, W9GXJ

K9YA Telegraph - July 2005

  • Fishing for QSOs  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • My Lucky Dayton Trip  By Steve Wolfcale, N9WAT
  • Ham Radio and Scouting  By Art Steinke, WB9JKZ, trustee W9BSA
  • They Could Have and Should Have  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9BRD

K9YA Telegraph - August 2005

  • Field Day  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • We Don't Need No Stinkin' Mocrophones!  By Chuck Guenther, NIØC
  • K9YA Field Day  By Mike Dinelli, N9BOR
  • FD '05  By Steve Wolfcale, N9WAT
  • My Accidental Beam  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9BRD

K9YA Telegraph - September 2005

  • FISTS  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • If I Had a Time Machine  By Daniel Meloche, W1DPM
  • My Name is Nate  By Nate Youngs, N1IDX
  • A Real Cheesy Rig  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • Book Review  By Herb Scarpelli, WK9O
  • Mr. Murphy's Days of Glory  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9BRD

K9YA Telegraph - October 2005

  • Whither Morse?  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • In the Beginning  By David Pilote, VE3DPC
  • All About Mobile Morse  By Paul Signorelli, WØRW
  • Ham Radio, A Keeper  By David Meloche, W1DPM

K9YA Telegraph - November 2005

  • Zeh Bouck  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • When the Light Bulb Went On  By Orrin Brand, K9KEJ
  • From Here to Begali  By Elliot Medrich, W6VFU
  • North American QRP CW Club  By Larry Makoski, W2LJ
  • Product Review - DX-Pro-FET-1  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT

K9YA Telegraph - December 2005

  • A Place of One's Own  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • SATERN Shines Brightly  By Bill Sexton, N1IN & Ann S. Shaver, WH2E
  • High Seas Rescue  By Bob Dulle, WA5GBD
  • QRP From Scratch  By Grant McDuling, VK4JAZ
  • A Christmas "Eye" to the Future  By Charlie Young, AG4YO
  • The NPRM 05-235 Issue  By Joe Speroni, AHØA