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K9YA Telegraph - January 2006

  • AKA, Big Fat Cat  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • Zen and the Art of CW Operation  By Orrin Brand, K9KEJ
  • A Look Back in Time  By Stan Shure, W9GXJ & Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • My Life in Ham Radio  By Patrick O'Brien, ZL2OB
  • The (Original) Invisible Antenna  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9BRD
  • Hi Hi—A Collection of Ham Radio Antennas  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT 

K9YA Telegraph - February 2006

  • Let Us Praise Novices  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • Guide to Collecting Keys on eBay  By Dennis P. Skea, KC2CCZ
  • Two Cents Worth of Fun—SKN 2006  By Robert Underwood, W8YRB
  • Your Shack  By Greg Harris, WB9MII/WDX9KHY

K9YA Telegraph - March 2006

  • William G. Pierpont, NØHFF
  • The KG4AXH Party Train  By Dennis Buehler, KG4AXH & Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Nothing First-Personal, Good Buddies  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9BRD
  • Shave and a Hair Cut...  By Mike Dinelli, N9BOR
  • Homebrew QSL Cards  By Chris Walter, KI4CBF

K9YA Telegraph - April 2006

  • The K9YA Telegraph Story  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • Straight Key CW Lives!  By Walt Fair, Jr., W5ALT
  • Look, Up In the Sky, It's a Mud Duck!  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL & Dan Thompson, WB4GUK
  • Oh Fifteen! My Fifteen!  By Gerry Lynch, GØRTN
  • Chicago Tribune Prints Morse Code Insights - K9YA Telegraph Staffer Quoted
  • Korean War MARS Operations  By Paul Signorelli, WØRW

K9YA Telegraph - May 2006

  • Don't Forget, It's Fun  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • Bicycle Mobile  By Byron Stoeser, W7SWC
  • My First Do-It-Yourself DXpedition  By Bill Penhallegon, W4STX
  • From a Galaxy Far Away  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9BRD
  • The Attraction of QRP  By Grant McDuling, VK4JAZ

K9YA Telegraph - June 2006

  • The Secret Handshake  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • ATV 101  By Bill Munsil, K1ATV
  • The Excalibur Paddle  By David Saylors, WK4DS
  • A Brush with Death  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • Bailey's Barn  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9BRD

K9YA Telegraph - July 2006

  • In the Beginning... Ham Radio  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Product Review - MFJ-929 Intellituner  By Mike Dinelli, N9BOR, Dick Sylvan, W9CBT and Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • My Old Literature  By Gorm Helt-Hansen, OZ6GH
  • WWII Radio Op  By Russell Richardson, AE4NY
  • Jim OM, We Hardly Knew Ye  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9BRD

K9YA Telegraph - August 2006

  • I'm No McElroy  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • CW Rogues Field Day 2006  By Philip, K9PL; Mike, N9BOR; Steve, N9WAT; and Chuck, NIØC
  • The Restoration of an Old BC-223A  By Pete Buehner, N8PB
  • Another Secret Handshake

K9YA Telegraph - September 2006

  • Ham Radio on the Home Front  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • The Four Cartoonist Amigos  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • My QSO with the USS Bennington  By Paul Signorelli, WØRW
  • WAR—CW at 500 wpm  By Rod Newkirk, W9BRD

K9YA Telegraph - October 2006

  • Arachnid's Song  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • Antennas and "Vertigo Paralyzation"  By Rick Hiller, W5RH
  • You Can Earn W.A.S. Your 1st Year  By Jane Tymko, KC2OBS
  • Phil's Rig was Top Drawer  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9BRD

K9YA Telegraph - November 2006

  • The Keyer Project  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Just Blame it all on Ralph Anderson  By Alan Pike, W4MQC
  • An Apple for Mavis Beacon  By Kevin der Kinderen, K4VD
  • Suddenly a Crisis  By Joseph Calzaretta, K4LL (ex K2VI, K2ZCU)
  • Not Your Average Love Story  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9BRD
  • When the Going Gets Tough - India Paramilitary Turns to Morse

K9YA Telegraph - December 2006

  • The Road to Bugdom  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • Dateline: O'ahu  By Ann S. Shaver, WH2F
  • One VFO Short of a DXer  By Charles J. Guenther, Jr., NIØC
  • W.A.S. with a Watt and a Wire  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • The Wealth Effect at WQPC  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9BRD