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K9YA Telegraph - January 2004

  • Welcome Ham Radio Aficionados!  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • DX Hog Heaven  By Chuck Guenther, NIØC
  • K9YA Field Day — Three Views  By K9PL, N9BOR and N9WAT
  • How QSL?  By Herb Scarpelli, WK9O 

K9YA Telegraph - February 2004

  • Ham Radio Companions  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Just Another Radio Buy From Chicago  By Kirt Shore, KC9CBY
  • Cross-Mode Contact Saves A Life  By J. Bruce Prior, N7RR
  • Advice to New Key Collectors  By Lynn Burlingame, N7CFO
  • Radio Rescue - Book Review  By Mike Dinelli, N9BOR
  • PBS Programming of Interest to Radio Amateurs

K9YA Telegraph - March 2018

  • Is There an SWL in Ham Radio's Future  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Dr. Frankenstein, I Presume?  By Paul Hendershott, W9BBR
  • Restructuring II: ARRL Takes a Stand?  By Alan Wormser, N5LF
  • The Reason Why  By Hiram Percy Maxim, W1AW

K9YA Telegraph - April 2004

  • One Era Ends, Another Begins  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Help!  By Paul Hendershott, W9BRR
  • Hamfest Food: Fun Facts
  • Your Technician Accent  By Jack Squat, P5/KABØOM

K9YA Telegraph - May 2004

  • Make a Joyous Noise  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • The Morse Mouse  By Stanley Shure, W9GXJ & Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • Old Man and the CW  By Don Berman, KB9WBM
  • Beep, Beep!  By Steve Wolfcale, N9WAT

K9YA Telegraph - June 2004

  • Shared Traditions  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • Built Like a Tank—The WS #19 Mark II  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • Starting an Amateur Sholarship Fund  By Ronald Morgan, KB9NW
  • Wooden Callsigns by Craig  By Craig Celia

K9YA Telegraph - July 2004

  • Ham Radio to the Rescue  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Our Man in Dayton  By Steve Wolfcale, N9WAT
  • Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day  By Emery McLendon, KB9IBW
  • Your Shack  By Josh Logan, N7XM

K9YA Telegraph - August 2004

  • CW Rogues Field Day  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • When Life Gets in the Way of Ham Radio  By Mike Dinelli, N9BOR
  • Steve's Field Day Story  By Steve Wolfcale, N9WAT
  • Art's Field Day Story  By Art Steinke, WB9JKZ
  • Dick's Official Welcome
  • A Ghost Story—Ham Radio Style  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • Your Shack  By Bill Hawes, W9ERG

K9YA Telegraph - September 2004

  • Of Hungarian Castles, Rummy in the Ether...  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • CW Touch Keyer  By Sumner Eagerman, WA1JOS
  • Over and Out in a Blaze of Glory  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • VUQRP Group  By Jyoti P. Chakravartty, VU3BG
  • A QSO with CRØOK  By Rod Newkirk, W9BRD/VA3ZBB
  • First QSO  By David Toepfer, KB3IPE
  • Your Shack  By Scott McMullen, NJØE/P
  • The Rag Chewers' Club Award

K9YA Telegraph - October 2004

  • "The Radio Ham"  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Hey! Hey! It's a Mon-Key!  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • A Wild Night on CW  By Paul Signorelli, WØRW
  • First QSO  By Paul Friedman, ABØSI
  • Your Shack  By Hans Summers, GØUPL
  • CW Forever and Ever  By Jim Hatherley, WA1TBY SK

K9YA Telegraph - November 2004

  • Misery and its Company  By Philip Cala-Lazar,K9PL
  • The K1EL WinKey & DXbase 2005  By Chuck Guenther, NIØC
  • The Cutting Edge of Ham Radio  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • Blowin' in the Wind  By Rod Newkirk, W9BRD/VA3ZBB
  • Bug Nite  By Michael Babineau, VE3WMB

K9YA Telegraph - December 2004

  • Past is Prologue  By Philip Cals-Lazar
  • Full Circle with a Guy Named Ralph  By Paul Hendershott, W9BRR
  • QRP Kayaking  By Harcourt "Bud" Quick, W8BHK
  • Your "Centerfold" Op  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • The "Mi-Key"  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT