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K9YA Telegraph - January 2007

  • The Hassell-Cramer Flight By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Beginnings... By Adam M. Farson, VA7OJ/AB4OJ
  • Running Forty Kilowatts—Legally By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9ROD
  • Bugdom Revisited
  • Code Testing SK By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • K9YA Code Practice Nets

K9YA Telegraph - February 2007

  • Cold War Tales  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • The Black Bouncer  By Duke Wahl, Jr., WA9WJB
  • Fun on 160, Texas Style  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9ROD
  • K9YA Holiday Pizza Bash
  • Cartoon Caption Contest  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT

K9YA Telegraph - March 2007

  • QSL Twists and Turns  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Where Have All the Flowers Gone  By Vern Weiss, W9STB
  • A Spooky QSO with WVNA  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ABB/W9ROD
  • The Ticker Receiving System  By Joe Medsker, K8LKC
  • Cartoon Caption Contest - Winner  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT

K9YA Telegraph - April 2007

  • In the Zone  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • What Would You Do  By Mitch Gill, VI9TU/K7TUT
  • D-104 Paddle  By Doug Fabian, N8EPE
  • Little Hamshack on the Prairie  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9ROD

K9YA Telegraph - May 2007

  • Heard Any Good QRM Lately?  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Taps for Morse Code  By Anthony R. Gordon, KG6EQM
  • Ocean Hopper  By Bob Ballantine, W8SU
  • Cameradio  By Bob Ballantine, W8SU
  • Morse Code Magic  By Betty Broome Newkirk, VE3ZBB
  • Treating Hams Like SPAM  By Russ Ward, W4NI

K9YA Telegraph - June 2007

  • A Pipsqueak for All Seasons  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Air Force Radio School  By James B. "Jim" Davis, NW5F
  • Herman's Key  By Scott Laughlin, N7NET
  • Laurie Carr's World Without Limit  By Sandra Crosbie, Reporter, Fielding Harold
  • The Indoor Sportsman - Part I  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9ROD

K9YA Telegraph - July 2007

  • No Intervention Needed  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Following Jimmy Off the Cliff  By Vern Weiss, WPE9GHF/W9STB
  • HT to Tank  By Bob Ballantine, W8SU
  • The Post Office Key  By Grant McDuling, VK4JAZ
  • The Indoor Sportsman - Part II  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9ROD
  • Field Day Grotesque

K9YA Telegraph - August 2007

  • The Eisenhower Years  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • A Study in Flea Marketing  By Steve Wolfcale, N9WAT
  • K9YA Field Day 2007  By Philip Cala-Lazar
  • The Indoor Sportsman - Part III  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9ROD

K9YA Telegraph - September 2007

  • We Like Ike  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Two Meters the Hard Way  By Adam Farson, VA7OJ/AB4OJ
  • Meet the K9YA Telegraph Staff—On-the-Air
  • Early Radio Detectors  By Joe Medsker, K8LKC
  • Aim Your Beamers at Shangri-LaLa  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9ROD
  • MFJ Marks 35th Anniversary

K9YA Telegraph - October 2007

  • Ready Reckoners  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Disaster in the High Arctic  By Mark Solomon, KQØA, with Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • '6XT's Flying Ford  By John Kirk, VK4TJ/VE6XT
  • Tom Swift and His Magic Umbrella  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9ROD
  • The Lighter Side of Ham Radio  By Rick Hiller, W5RH
  • Clipperton Revisited
  • Italia Down—Who Heard Her?

K9YA Telegraph - November 2007

  • QSSS  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • High-Voltage Capacitor-Input Filter  By Hal Mandel, W4HBM
  • Pikes Peak Pre-Field Day Operation  By Paul Signorelli, WØRW/PM
  • Global Warming Down Under  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9ROD
  • The "Good Old Days"  By Duke Wahl, Jr., WA9WJB
  • K9YA Fall Pizza Bash

K9YA Telegraph - December 2007

  • Holiday Cover  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT
  • Beyond the Blue Horizon  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • Underwood  By Vern Weiss, WPE9GHF/W9STB
  • When Martin Met Al  By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9ROD
  • K9YA Field Day Results