These articles pre-date the K9YA Telegraph: 

Contesting with Computers By Mike Dinelli, N9BOR

Chicks Dig Morse Code  By Mike Dinelli, N9BOR

How to Impress a Non-Ham with Your Handheld Radio  By Mike Dinelli, N9BOR (January 23, 2004; ARRL Web Feature Story)

Pisan Tower Event By Philip Lazar, K9PL (November 14, 2002; ARRL WEB Extra)

My Way to Morse  By Philip Lazar, K9PL (January 2002)

Article by Matt Haugen/Medill News Service (February 2001)

John's Trip to the FCC  By Ken Cannaday, W4NZC

Hamfester's Radio Club  By Bill Simons, W9BB (September 2000)

Don't Embarrass Me Dad  By Mike Dinelli, N9BOR (September 2000; ARRL Members Only)

Cyberhamming Comes of Age  By Philip Lazar, K9PL (August 2000)

86 Countries Through a Window  By Philip Lazar, K9PL (August 2000)

CW & You  By Philip Lazar, K9PL (July 2000)

The Ham Bandstand - Beacon  By Herbert "Mick" Scarpelli, WK9O (June 2000)

Temp AG to DXCC  By Herbert "Mick" Scarpelli, WK9O (June 2000)

Building a D-104 Mic/Hamshack Lamp  By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT (ca. 2002)


K9YA Telegraph Articles

IGY  By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL (Includes Parts I & II from March and April 2013)

Morse Mouse By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT, and Stanley Shure, W9GXJ (ca. May 2004)

Built Like a Tank—The WS #19, Mark II By Dick Sylvan, W9CBT (ca. June 2004)


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