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The Robert F. Heytow Memorial Radio Club was founded July 2002 by Stuart Sokolin, W6YYY (now W6TA). Initially the club was licensed as KG6MKP. With the kind permission of Bob Heytow's family, the callsign K9YA was granted to the club on October 8, 2002. On November 6, 2002, Mike Dinelli, N9BOR was named station trustee.


To participate in on-air activities, which exemplify Bob's love of amateur radio. To educate and entertain through the K9YA Telegraph eZine and its other publications.


FISTS CW Club - Club Station Number 9500


The Robert F. Heytow Memorial Radio C;ub and the K9YA Telegraph are funded entirely by its members. Any item sold by the club is done so with zero profit.