FAQI'm having trouble viewing the K9YA Telegraph files or I'm receiving an error message.

K9YA Telegraph PDF files require Adobe® Reader, version 7.0 or newer. You may download the current version of Adobe® Reader for free at: http://get.adobe.com/reader/ If you're using Adobe® Reader version 7.0 or newer and you're still unable to view the file, chances are it or the web browser plug-in has become corrupt. We recommend you uninstall your current Adobe® Reader installation, download the current version from Adobe's website and install that.

How do I save a copy of the K9YA Telegraph?

You may save a copy of the K9YA Telegraph PDF file, by going to FILE on Adobe® Reader's menu and selecting SAVE AS.

How do I obtain copies of older issues of the K9YA Telegraph?

If you're missing a copy or two, you may contact us and we can e-mail a few to you. From time to time we offer complete annual sets for download. Subscribers will be notified when they're available on their regular monthly download page.